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The Carillon Wellness Resort in Miami is by far!!, by far, the very best hotel we’ve ever stayed in…and we like 4-star hotels such as the Ritz Carlton but the Carillon outshines all others. Service is a lost art; not at the Carillon! Service is extraordinary, cheerful, helpful, informative and extremely accommodating. We arrived 5 hours later than expected due to incredibly bad traffic and 7 car accidents. Upon check-in, myself looking sufficiently exhausted, received a lovely second gift from the Carillon…first, our 3-night king suite package that I had purchased as a birthday gift for my husband in October had to be canceled due to hubby’s bronchitis; the package was not refundable but the Carillon sent me an email expressing sympathy for my husband and offering us our package at a later date;second, upon arrival, and exhausted,the receptionist registering our arrival noticed (said out loud to her adjacent co-worker, who then said, we’re going to put you in a different room if you’re amenable. The room we received was the finest suite we’ve stayed in. The Carillon put us on a top floor; the suite is bigger than many apartments. We were in awe of how expansive and we’ll-equipped the room was. 

After our positive experience with check-in, the bellman brought up our bags, took 10 minutes explaining everything in our room including state-of-the-art devices. 

I chose just one spa service. The resort offers so very much for free, including an igloo (no darn way, for me … went in 20 seconds and OUT! Brr), experiential rain showers with various essential oils and so much more. I chose the body detox experience.  The matron was professional, cheerful and welcoming. She took me to a private room, offered champagne, explained the process.. and we began. Ana scrubbed me nude head to toe with exfoliant; then rinsed it in a warm, low-lit tiled room scented with lemongrass. Yum. Ana spread a black, silky lotion/potion all over me except for private parts. It was tingling and invigorating. The lotion was from Italy, called Frutas del Mare .. fruits of the sea. The healing value of sea elements are well-known. She then told me to relax and let the potion work; she left a full bowl of more lotion for me to apply if I wanted to private parts, face and hair. I did. I became so entranced in relaxation that I laid on the stone heated floor and fell asleep for 20 minutes. I woke, sat in a huge wooden bowl in the room filled with very warm water and rinsed.  Then, shower and better rinse. Next part, full body massage. I left feeling so relaxed that I was actually exhausted. At lunch, I noticed groups of exhausted people. 

Just so very good and delicious 

The flotation pod was awesome; so new and different. First, shower then ear plugs, shower cap and nude. Close pod, various lights evolve, underwater music is very soothing. There’s so so so much magnesium in the water that it’s almost a jelly that keeps you buoyant. I floated with eyes closed and soon went into a dream state just floating. I loved it. But do not get water in the mouth ; it tastes extremely awful. 

End result: incredibly soft skin and zombie-like relaxation 😊🤣🤣💕


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