Warhol at the Whitney

The Andy Warhol exhibits at The Whitney are quite, quite impressive. 3 floors dedicated to his 15 minutes of fame. I visited The Whitney with my dear friend, Pearl

Pearl is a gem found … she was a staff supervisor when I was Chairman’s Ass’t.  We’ve exchanged Christmas cards since I left work in ’97….two months ago, I wrote and said…why not see each other, we live nearby.  A very close friendship was born 💕

My dear friend I had a wonderful time at Balthazar.  It was so very crowded for a Monday. Several people had luggage. No reservation,no help .. too crowded. Pearl and I had fab food. We were seated next to a couple who just arrived from France. We hit it off … the gentleman commented that my food looked excellent and what had I ordered … avocado toast w poached egg. I’m friendly. I knew I’d eat Alf. I cut it I half and told him to share w his wife. That’s how the 4 of us started an hour long ‘next-as-we-could’ chat since I’m excellent w Spanish and horrid w French. Still, humanity is humanity. We laughed. It was lovely. you can’t see much of restaurant..sorry, just ridiculous me. But food is excellent ☺️


At The Whitney Pearl and I met the most engaging, intelligent,  badass woman at the exhibit. She saw Pearl was wearing Art Deco clothing and GAVE PEARL HER GORGEOUS ART DECO BRACELET.  We exchanged business cards and will meet for lunch in January 


Warhol observations:

  1.  Look closely at the Soups…all varieties
  2. Many images depict, in my eye, Warhol’s homosexuality and his war with himself.
  3. Notice the green Warhol self-portrait. His eyes don’t focus. He’s not there. Actually, Warhol was always elsewhere in his head.
  4. ‘Notice the way Warhol captures the eyes.
  5. Warhol’s Truman Capote also has soulless eyes, like Warhol. They both used people for their own amusement and both had inner conflict with their homosexuality
  6. notice the Hugh Hefner..there are skulls over his head as if he were the living dead. Quite insightful.


Darlings—-live, every minute..it’s a wonderful world


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