Wallflower once

Not anymore

Turn up the music

I’m on the dance floor


Matters not to me

If I dance all alone

If everyone stares

I’m in my own zone


The music just lifts me

It takes me away

I’m not in the room

I’m floating away


I’m free and I’m flying

To the music and beat

My spirit is lifted

Just watch busy feet


I soar across the room

I’m light and I smile

In my heart, on my face

Yes, this is my style


And actually I prefer

The dance floor all to myself

Lots of room to spread out

Twirl, turn and all else


Why be a wallflower

And sit there just tapping

Tapping my foot

Frustrated wanting to dance

No no I just won’t

Get up

Here’s my chance


And every time

Each and every time

Someone comes up

And says I wish I was you

With courage to do

The thing that you do

To be free on the dance floor

And let yourself go

You look so happy

And you let yourself flow


Thank you I say

I appreciate the kindness

It’s just spontaneous

The music just finds me


Wallflower wallflower

Let yourself go

You only need you

Your inside will glow




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