It happens random

On the stair

Climbing down

Am I there?

The bottom one

I cannot tell

Even when the room is bright

Even when my hands are light

Sometimes I reach out with my foot

Careful, spreading

Is this the bottom?


Yes, I’ve slipped

The steps are wood

And in our home

We were no shoes

Oops socks are slippery

Down I go

Fortunately it’s always just the last step

But still a blow


A blow to my butt

Its little damage or pain

But to my ego

I cry disdain


Another sign that I am changing

Things as they were

Are rearranging

I can’t control

What nature brings

But be observant

And careful with things


I like this none


Not at all

And yes, I fear some awful fall

I worry, will I break a tooth

I worry what is next to lose




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