Vacation Series

Misadventures in Snorkeling

Quality waterproof camera in hand I wade into the water near the dock where the fish gather. I fully charged the camera before leaving for the trip. Eagerly, I turn on the camera and dive under.
BLUR – uh. No mask. Too salty. I get a mask and snorkel.
Ok! Fully prepared, I dive in. Start taking photos. Dang. Too dark. Not light enough under water to see dials. Out I go.
Ugh. Set flash on. Back in I go. Push shutter half way – oh yes, so many fish and so clear. Click click click ???? What.
Battery is dead.
Time to move on to another activity 😖😖😖

Rick’s Cafe – The Infamous Cliffs For Diving

This is NOT dangerous… perhaps frightening to some but not dangerous. As I entered the establishment an older gentlemen asked if I was going to jump. Oh yes!!! (At that time I believed the jump was on). Oh, so you’re not afraid? …I leaned and spoke quietly in his ear …. this activity has been here for more than 30 years, if people died, you’d be shut down. He smiled, you’re a smart lady
You must also prove your ability to handle this. You must first jump the 35 ft, then 45 ft, then 60 ft til you will be permitted to jump 80. Its well-organized

Rick’s Cafe was beyond amazing. A blue water I’d never seen before. For reasons unknown to me, when we got there, chris said don’t jump. You don’t seem right. But I only had 2 coffees, oj and cereal. I’m just excited. No. Don’t. Then the young timid woman who we had taken under our wing as a friend arrived .. kathleen, jump with Lisa ?!?! Am I a ping pong ball. I completely do not understand.
I refused to jump.
He can carry the badge on his arm that he took this, yet another thing, away from me.
It’s stunning





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