Trooper and My Dog

I think it was about seven years ago that I took my dog Gracie on a dog camping trip. Yes it was a camping adventure just for dog owners and their dogs. Our adventure was to take place for three days up at Lake George in New York. I was very excited and so was Gracie, we had a nice ride together in the car. However as we were just within miles of our destination, I simply could not find the entrance to the campground. I had it on my car GPS, I had it on my phone GPS, and I would circle and circle and circle and could not find the entrance. I decided to drive into the town of Lake George and ask if someone could give me better directions. Lo and behold, I came upon a State Trooper. I pulled over next to the sidewalk since the trooper was standing on the sidewalk, opened the front passenger window-Gracie was in the backseat-And asked the trooper who could see that I was looking for help if he knew where the campground was. However I did not get to finish my question. My crazy dog did something she had never done before. She jumped over into the front seat and out the front window to sit in front of the trooper and smile. I was freaking out – oh my God. I said she’s never done that before she’s never done that, oh my goodness, I undid my seatbelt reached over to open the door and told Gracie to get back in the car which she did, close the door, put my seatbelt back on and apologized to the trooper.  He was quite chill aka Clint….no problem ma’am, no harm….then he gave me directions.  My dang animals.  Like I say, you can’t make this stuff up. 


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