Divide and conquer

Deceive and deflect 

Scream vitriol with bulging veins 

In your head and neck

Bully all within purview 

Avoid a look at criminal you


Got lucky didn’t you

Played your dirty games political


Cheating candidacy,

betrayal of lies

Constitution just clouds your eyes

You won a hollow victory 

Deluded yourself with claims of crowds, so-called supporters 

The bottom feeders

The assault gun hoarders

You brought your hate

Your bigotry and elitism 

Said send the detractors 

All to prison 

Ripped away water and air regulations 

Allowing emissions but building corporations 

Corporate greed that does not trickle down

Corporate success

Kept just for the crowned

You disgraced our military 

Dispatching military violence on homeland 

Still your pall around the White House stands

Afraid but loud

The bully’s way

You incite violence 

Offering no peace

Offering no kindness 

No words of grief

And still your president 

While America suffers

With fear, hate, illness, poverty and you do zero to create a buffer 

You fan the flame

Celebrate the radical

Your time is ending 

There’s no sabbatical 

When you leave

Just try to hide

For when normalcy returns 

The vitriol for you will spread wide

And no more big man with fake projects and promise

Just a boy whose dad said not enough

And you will definitely get your claim to fame

The president who caused so much pain

Who did nothing for our dying planet 

Who spent his last year campaigning instead of helping Covid dammit 

But it is not just you we’re delighted to see leave 

Take your family 

Take your daughter, you’ve screwed her up

Take Eric and Don

Send them to Africa amid the beasts without a weapon 

Coward liar thief bully cheater

Even stupid you know, eventually it all comes to an end

And that leaves you small

With worldwide disgust 

At all the treason you brought on us

But you are not cut from true American cloth

You’re not a man

You’re a flitting moth

Drawn to any light

Drawn to cheers 

Let me tell you

It leaves you here

You will be remembered

And not how you wish

You’ll be remembered 

The devils dish

You’ll have no legacy 

No Library in DC

No monument, plaque 

No memory of thee

Pay back your student loans to your fake university.  It’s been over 5 years.  Pay the contractors YOU STILL OWE.  Own up to the public that you purchased two casinos in Atlantic City, took in more investors than your own money and went bankrupt leaving the investors with all the debt. 

Tell the truth.  You do not own 50-70% of the buildings emblazoned with your name.   You lease your name.   You do not own them.  Too many Americans believe you own them. 

Show your tax return.  It’s federal law

The president is not above the law.   You are the president, not king, not monarch

Kathleen Treubig 

Former Exec Assistant to BHMendik
Former HR Supervisor, Wachtell, Lipton

…. during Trump’s tenure in Manhattan real estate Mendik owned more commercial square footage in AAA buildings than you came close to; he was far wealthier than you.  He kept his distance from you because you never ever did anything for Manhattan unless you got something out of it. 

I had an opportunity to interview as your assistant in the 80’s.  I refused to go.  My gut said you were bad.  I was right. 

Get out.  Your days are numbered 


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