I am a small boat in an ocean of life
The water is calm till a storm kicks up
From corners unknown
And I’m in a boat
In my own all alone

When the weather is bad
Your boat size matters none
When you’re alone with you’re problem
The venue is numb

But it feels like a boat
Or a riptide
And caught
Dragging sand’s bottom
I’ve done it before
The waves pull and tear
Can’t tell which way is up
Just like the boat
8 foot swells eat me up

Just hang on girl
You know it will pass
You know you survive
Sad or pain in the ass

Today I’m a bit better
Today I can talk

I don’t know yet where to put myself
My feelings are behind the shelf
My husband slept for the first time with a man
Told me not safe sex and no test he’ll plan
Told me things just the other day
I’m still climbing out of the fray

Little boat tossed on the sea
I’m not sure what I’ll do with me16266254_422246808113327_1037255762039104816_n


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