The Walk Among Us

They Walk Among Us

I share with you with what I see, feel and experience …. but I share this with caution…. I am deeply rooted in my faith.  I trust my gut, and I believe that is where God speaks to me, if I listen.

I have spirits that occasionally visit or pass through my house.  All, ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD, HARMLESS, CURIOUS OR JUST LOST….except one.   I’ll tell you about the bad one last.

First….my caution….if you are unsure, if you do not know, then do NOT ENGAGE!  My advice, is to say out loud “I am a child of God, and that which is not of my Lord and Savior I refute and dispel from myself and this home in his name – get out now forsaken one, I invoke the name of Christ.”  And leave it at that.  Because if you are not sure….a little bit of knowledge is very, very dangerous….and very bad spirits pretend to be good.

The spirits that visit are just watchers.  Since I’m home alone so much, they watch me. Different ones, at different times.  One day, I was doing laundry and I could feel eyes on me.  I turned to my right and I saw him….he was in full form as living being…a young man in his 30’s, 5’11 or so, just looking at me.  I turned back briefly to the washing machine, looked to the right again, and he was gone.

Most times, I don’t actually see their form but feel them or they knock things over….or they get mischievous and throw things.  I was sitting on my couch and a framed photograph came flying off the wall in the hallway from the kitchen to the living room, where I was, and the glass broke all over.  There was nothing to cause the photograph to fall….no shake, no bang….nothing.   Now, if it had fallen off the hook, I could understand….hooks give/break. But the photograph went flying several feet into another room.

On another occasion, I heard a bang in the garage.  A ladder hanging on a double hook in the garage came off the double hook and was on the garage floor (double garage) on the other side of the garage.

Generally, I don’t engage with the spirits, although sometimes with the mischief, I will say out loud “ok, that’s enough, cut it out”.  I don’t feel malevolence.

Then there is the spirit that keeps trying to re-engage my husband that I dispelled when we began a serious dating relationship.   Yes, he had done some bad deeds.  And so, wittingly or not, made a deal with a devil.  That spirit wanted its due.  That spirit did not like a Godly woman with his “catch”, my husband.   When I dispelled the spirit from Chris, it was furious….I prayed, used scripture and after an hour or so, the spirit took a heavy glass-leaded ashtray and threw it across the room and broke it.  But it left.

It continues to try to return.  I smudge my house with white sage.  I keep a geode by my bed to catch negative energy.

But all that really counts is that I hold God in my heart and spirit.

And have compassion for the lost ones who wander; vigilance for the pretenders who want to cause harm.

Because yes, they walk among us….if you pay attention…you will notice.


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