The Ugly Time

And then it came

The Ugly Time

Fucking shit

Fucking mine

Came on slow I’m sure it did

I’m sure the fucker crawled and slid 

Bit by bit

Day by day

Quite astute

Bent to betray

Stupid ass

Sitting on my laurel

Sitting laughing

Bullshit quarrel 

Not moving much

Please more wine

Oh a nap

How divine

Bit by bit

A pound

Bad hair

A poofy face

Swollen glare

Bit by bit

The pretty ran

The gritty took her seat




Not so pretty 

Drop the mousse

The gel

The lotion

Drop the masks

The serum


Save the dollars 

Stay at home 

Passing through The Ugly Time

Just a passage 

Pay my dime

Not quite sure

How long It lasts

Only know it too will pass


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