The Swinging Door

The Swinging Door

Her snarky remarks

Slam like a swinging door


Disrupting everyone’s peace

Upsetting all in her presence

Her gossip and neediness

Constant griping and probing for information

Slam shut

Like the swinging door

On any kind emotion

One had for her

Driving people away

She’s clueless as to her thorny bristling personality

She calls and seeks out company

Those who know find ways to be too busy to be free


Thorny girl

Bitter woman

Swinging door

So loud

Shutting out all other sound inside the room

Inside the house

On the street

Draws a staring crowd


Digging deeper

For some news

To share and gossip, snark

When really those don’t want to hear

Her nasty digs, remarks


Swinging door

So very loud

What’s inside your head?

Must be so loud

You must get out

And punish others

But you’re alone

swinging swinging

Bang bang bang

Until a tornado comes

Blows the swinging door off its hinge

Now door, you take a look

You’re on the ground

Can’t swing no more

Can’t bang bang bang bang bang

And silence is the gift we get


Thanks again



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