Trump has said, among other things, that is he up in American ratings, that the economy is better than ever

Trump says absolutely anything he wants without regard to facts.

He’s a liar. He’s a pathological liar who doesn’t even know when he is or isn’t telling the truth; his proclaimed extensive vocabulary seems to be his own delusion as ‘great, fantastic, amazing’ are middle school words. He’s inarticulate. His ratings are NOT UP. America’s infrastructure is disintegrating despite his year in office and campaign promises to rebuild America’s failing infrastructures. One year and the ‘so-called’ commander-in-chief has not visited any deployed military although he’s had time for tyrannical leaders. Why is economy better?  Trump removed corporate and climate regulations which cost businesses more but protect the only planet we have …read, ‘short-sighted-imbecile.

Yet soooo many people believe what is on the surface.  The truth is: Most buildings emblazoned with “TRUMP” are NOT owned by hum; he leases out his name.  Yet, misinformed people believe he is rich, powerful and successful, the owner of so many prominent properties…NOPE, LEASED HIS NAME..NOT HIS. READ FOLKS!  He has not yet repaid students for his fake university  GEEZ…AND HE HAS THE NERVE TO USE THE WORD ‘FAKE’? What’s fake is his cotton candy hair, his fidelity to his wife, his concern or basic understanding of life for a middle class person.

He promulgates the existing misogyny in this world to the umpteenth degree, yet has said to another how hot and sexy his daughter is and he’d ‘do’ her himself if she weren’t his daughter  THIS IS PRESIDENTIAL?

Yes, both the FBI and USA Department of Defense watch me because I speak truth with facts and data; because I’ve had a personal tour of the White House under Clinton, because I’ve written respectfully but factually regarding  concerns to Bush2, Clinton, Obama (twice), received a response from all, but my letter to Trump resulted in a response ‘we receive too much correspondence to reply. No surprise – more lying. 

Counting the days til his term is over…til then, my 6 foot long American Flag hangs upside down in my front bay window.  From Wikipedia:

Flying an American flag upside down

Flying an American flag upside down is not necessarily meant as political protest. The practice has its origin in a distress signal; displaying a flag in this manner is “a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property”; American military use this as a signal to other Americans to call for help  it is not disgracing the American Flag…I am a grateful am



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