The Black Hole in Your Bra

The Black Hole in your Bra 

So many of us women use our bra as a pocket. We might put a $20 bill in there for emergency, a key, etc. Well, I was going to an event a in risky neighborhood so I took my diamond jewelry – my 3 carat engagement ring, my 3 1/2 carat forever-ring and my 10 carat tennis bracelet. Ugh ugh ugh. I forgot that I put it there. Not good! Later that afternoon, a plant was knocked over from the patio surrounding the pool into the pool. Oh geez, well I am still in recovery and in physical therapy, but I am permitted to fully bathe.  I decided to go into the pool in my shorts and top to swim underwater to retrieve the plant.  I retrieved the plant and as I was approaching the steps to exit, I saw something shiny at the bottom of the pool. I put the plant on the pavers and dove under wearing a mask. 

Oh my, oh geez, oh crap…dang, dang, dang!   The shiny object was my diamond tennis bracelet.  I picked it up, threw in my pocket and began to figure out how to get the rings. I knew for certain that the rings were in the pool.  Problem: I’m thin and cannot get my body to stay on the 9-foot pool bottom; I’d get close to the bottom and just float back up.  Time after time. Attempt after attempt. 

I waited 3 days.  Trepidation. I told hubby.  After a brief eye-popping freak out face and  statements of what, how, etc., hubby went into the pool and retrieved my rings. 

I’m so grateful the pool vacuum – the sea monster, as I refer to the water spitting machine – did not suck up the jewelry. 

Morale..if you choose….THINGS FALL OUT OF YOUR BRA!!  Not a pocket…learned the hard way.  Phew. 


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