The Beach & The Birds


I grew up near birds for almost my entire life, beginning at age 5 when I lived in Long Beach Long Island, NY. On the beach in Long Beach there were so, so, so many seagulls. I enjoyed watching their behavior sitting alone on the sand in early Fall. Such bullies. Survival I suppose.

If you sit and watch them for a while, you will see how clever they are. It is common for a seagull to pick up a large, shut tight clam. The seagull will fly high over pavement or hard ground and drop it. The shell cracks open.

I’ve had mischievous fun with seagulls at the beach too. ( I hang my head in embarrassment..visualize it … naughty mom). When my sons were in 4th and 6th grade, I took them to Jones Beach Long Island. We brought along a picnic basket full of sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

Of course the two boys wanted to play in the sand, create all kinds of sand creations, running around in the sand and getting full of sand full-body .. intentionally .. so they could go into the ocean to rinse it off.

Andrew, the older, decided to bury Alex. The two of them dug a pretty nice size hole, and Alex got in the hole .. it wasn’t very deep. He could’ve easily gotten out of the hole himself.

But that’s not the naughty part, you see I am the mom of three boys. I am the target of jokes and pranks and farts and all kinds of boy things. I adore it. However this time it was my turn. I opened up the bag of Pepperidge Farm goldfish and sprinkled some around Alex’s head which was all that was sticking up out on top of the sand.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I totally did not expect this to happen! At least 20 seagulls came and flew all around Alex’s head to get the goldfish. (No no no.. Alex did not get pecked by even one seagull). Oh no what did I do! I ran over to Alex and put a baseball cap over his face, and then chased the birds away. It is a good thing that no one called child services! Actually everyone all around us was laughing, because Andrew and I were running around and chasing the birds away. It was a real comedic sketch.

These are the wonderful memories that I hold forever. We crack each other up, have goofy pet names for each other…to this day – they are 25 and 27. And it’s still wonderful to be allowed to sneak in a good neck tickle; til it’s my turn and someone jumps out of the closet!

Yes. We still do that.
I suppose due to being the mom of boys .. interesting .. I’m one of three girls and we all only had boys.
I never had a brother.
I got to do science experiments, build a fort under the kitchen table, learn how to coach soccer …oh, yes..catch one wiping a booger on the wall…..odd memories.

We all still love the beach. These bird photos are all from when I had a condo in Melbourne Beach, FL

Florida has the THE most amazing birds. I took all photos.


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