The Asin

The crowd stood round

A crowd stood still 

The crowd was watching 

Doing nil

The faces names were not quite known

They stood and watched 

And held their phones

The chaos inside the circle grew

The crowd yelled boo

But conflict grew

The battered boxer

Held his place

The crowd threw garbage in his face

The crowd the crowd

Anonymous faces

Getting mean

Growing fiercer 

Boxer boxer

Leave the ring

Leave the crowd

The shit they bring

Boxer boxer

Left the group

Left them there

Stir in their soup

The crowd stood still

And grumbled anger

The boxer’s gone

He is a stranger 

The circle tried to stay together 

Crowd of people 

Seeking tether

Seeking targets for their fury

Seeking someone 

They could bury

The crowd stands waiting 

For the next

For the one

They seek to vex

But boxer boxer

Is long gone

The crowd remains 

Inside their prong 


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