Super Star Moment – Yes, I Got Butterflies!!!!

On 8th Ave just a few feet north of the northeast corner of 57th St. I was waiting to hail a cab to Penn Station. It’s rush hour. Waiting. There’s a small, old infamous music studio building where I’m standing … I know this trivia but pay it no mind then only remember this because Keith Richards walks out of the hinged, heavy gold door. Keith Richards. Oh geez. Now, I’ve seen many, many celebrities in NYC while working there … shared an elevator with Robert Redford, Ethan Hawke, Jack Nicholson another time with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.  Several more. Loads of politicians. I didn’t react.  Big deal. BUT……this was a music legend.   I just stared. The chauffeur jumped out and grabbed the door.  Keith Richards said , No man, I got it, go in front. I just stood there for a few moments after they drove away. I had heart palpitations. Finally, I hailed a cab but wanted to share my news. Burst bubble … cab driver did not speak English, and the breathlessness of the moment went unshared. It was still extraordinary. 


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