It’s a regular day

In a regular life

Hard once very much

Rid of most strife

Grateful and kind

But God said

Be humble 

In truth

In my head

It said bend down bitch

And be humble

At first 

I thought what

God wouldn’t call me a bitch

But god knows me best

God can scratch, bite my itch

So what if there’s shit 

From long before 

Now I’m confused 

Who have I betrayed 

Who is the liar

What is the truth 

I hear you screaming 

Screaming in my ear

Would you please stop

I hear you clear

With normal tone

The scream shuts me down

I want to hear and grow 

I’m telling you now 

I like it not

take not all the shot

Much laid out before and set before I arrived

Often just tried to stay alive

But I listen


I’ll take some time

Now please just stop

Yelling in my ear

I’m humbler now

I’m hardly here 


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