Soul Age

There are some that the believe that new souls are born young. And conversely they believe that are born . What is this for? Well it is my believe that each person has a journey to travel in this lifetime to grow to reach to the next level of enlightenment and personal growth. And so I have come to observe by myself as a young spirit and by many others who are both young and small spirits that that the behavior of a young spirit is very much like a young child running Hither and Yon cannot wait to discover everything right away do it right away learned right away grow up right away and everything right away all the time every moment. Yeah also I have found, and please let’s speak in there is that an old soul and a young soul have nothing to do with your age but has to do with this all you were born with. The old song is much more peaceful. It does still struggle but it lets things roll off its back. It is more cautious to delve into the unknown without doing research. It is a wise old soul. And what happened to the young soul on the wise soul? Well this is my own personal belief from which I have nothing to base it on but what I trust in my gut. A young soul has many journeys to take to overcome the obstacles of growth and immaturity and pain and emotional growth. He also has to finish what it was Sega here for to finish the journey. It was the old soul has finished its journey and accomplished what he came here to do in this lifetime, then it would pass is on until the next lifetime begins again as a young soul


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  1. Very well said (or written lol)

    • thank you 🙂

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