Something Lost

He packed his shit
He listened learned
Got on the plane
Landed on earth burned
He thought he was prepared and ready
He arrived with weapons
His hands were steady
He knew his family home loved him
He had a piece of peace
No time to settle
No time to look
No time to ask a name
Get up
Get out
Move on
Move quick
A blast a shatter
It’s not just him
It’s him and him and her and her and him
The family’s are far away
They huddle close
They don’t speak
They don’t tell
But they’re all afraid
They shoot
They’re shot
Someone’s dead
There’s a hand lying on the road
He closes eyes
Don’t want to look
Just want to go home
But going home is not the same
He’s left himself somewhere else
He lost a piece
He lost a lot
He’s no longer himself
And no one knows
No one sees
The battle scars or damage
He’s just a shell
He’s skimming now
The war, the shit miscarriage


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