Smalls’s History

This morning I met with the director of the stables regarding purchasing Smalls. Even though hubby had a fit about the idea, and friends advised against it, I thought I’d go and hear what she had to say. Well, it was quite an eye opener.

First…. the money

Anna, the director, is very fair and kind. She wants less than half what she paid for Smalls 5 years ago for my full ownership. Smalls would continue to live at the stable for free and be ridden by others when I wasn’t riding him. Since I would allow the Center to let others ride him, the Center would 50/50 split all costs for food, dentistry, shots, shoes, and all needs. The numbers are less than I expected…. therefore, the possibility is still on the table.

It gets deeper. Anna told me Small’s story……well, let me back up….

The Center runs programs to help soldiers with PTSD, abused women and foster children heal through equine therapy. I am a former foster child. At first, I told Anna, before we talked numbers, that perhaps I couldn’t afford Smalls’s maintenance but would like to be his foster mother and gift him things that other personally owned horses have such as name plates on his halter, high-end body blankets and more. But when Anna talked about the foster care program she holds; a light bulb went off. I have asked hubby if we could take in foster children when our kids were in elementary/high school. He said no, it will upset the family balance. When we became empty-nesters, I asked if we could take in at least one foster child. He said no, it’s my turn to have your attention. BUT, I can foster Smalls. However, with the numbers provided, I can also actually afford Smalls without Chris’s assistance.

Then Anna told me about Smalls. Smalls is 15. He was purchased by the Center 5 years ago from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania where he was solely used as a working horse. Smalls never experienced affection before coming to the Center. Anna said, Kathleen, he really needs a Mom…. whether you buy him or foster him …. He needs you. I cried because I know that feeling. My poor man Smalls.

Things are up in the air, but I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe love is love. Smalls needs a Mom, and I am an exceptional Mom. My poor boy…..I love you.


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