Beat you
Beat you
With a stick
Long and hard
Very thick
Dense and heavy
You can’t see it
It’s my stick
Words my weapon
Words and thoughts
Inside my head
Telling me
All sorts of dread

Telling me this then that
To hurry up and go go go
No come back
Think it over

Why did you say that
Why did you this
And can’t you clean this
Mess you’ve hid

Be even
A level case
Not the one always
Wanting to a race

Be mellow
Can’t you?
What’s your issue
Leaving trouble scattered
Then cry tomorrow
Where’s my tissue

You’ve always been this kind of girl
You’ve always stirred up the someone’s world
Wrong or right
Does it matter
How can you stand
The constant clatter

The noise you make
With words and deeds
Are you filling a deeper need

Slow down already
Change lanes a while
Be still and quiet
For the next few miles
You’ll find in quiet
You can breathe
And that is where
You’ll fill your need

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