I did not walk in the shadow



Naïve girl


I walked in the open with my illegal item

Into the store

The store for weed supplies

The shadow store


And carried my bong bowl

Too dirty

Not old

But I couldn’t get it clean

And I needed to make sure

A replacement would fit the bong


It was in a ziplocked bag

In my purse

I entered the store

The salesman knows me

“ah, what do you need?”

I reached into my purse and took out the Ziploc

His eyes popped out


“If that’s used, don’t open it and put it away!!”

Oh my! Poor boy


Nearly apoplectic

Just so upset

I’m so la-di-da

Thinking “hey, what’s the big deal”

Which, as a non-sequitur, could explain why I don’t agree with the Police on some things


Oh my, please don’t faint, I thought

He quickly said, of my shadowed object, what do you need? Another one? I know the size.  He was rushing.  I said yes.

I paid and left.

Poor guy.


Later that day my straight-and-narrow 24-year old son came by.  In college, he minored in criminal justice.  I told him about my experience.  Oh crap Mom!!!  You did not do that!  Tell me you didn’t!  You could have been arrested; they could have charged you.  Mom!!!!!!!!



I guess I should be more covert and walk in the shadows.

It feels sneaky.



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