I had no date to the prom

I actually didn’t go

I always bought a single ticket 

To every concert show

I roam the malls all on my own

And no I am not sad

I do enjoy a friend and conversation had

I didn’t conform and got left out

It hurt, I stood my ground 

And life has taught me ego and truth

Are definitely not bound

I like my time 

I like to laze

I like the hot summer sun

I’m brutally honest but I can dance

And damn I’m lots of fun

I play the music way too loud in my truck 

Please don’t blow more speakers 

I groove and drive

I get all looks

I get all kinds of peepers

I’m the girl everyone wants

To sit up on their lap

Til I open up my mouth

That’s when they try to slap

Thanks no thanks 

I’ll walk alone

I have a song to hear

Leave me alone 


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