Prepared and OCD

Prepared and OCD

I’ve been thinking about the situation around my death for decades. Maybe it’s because I was orphaned young; maybe it’s because I’m weird.

I’m not afraid to die at all. I did not want to die till
my children were finished with college so as not to upset their equilibrium. But I’m a fatalist. And I’m good with God and myself, my journey. Oh. I’m not done!!!! But I’m just saying I’m not worried about it.

But I think about it. I’ve done all the legal stuff with wills, cremation instructions, etc.

I think about who will come. Who will care. Why do I care.

My will provides that after my death, I wish there to be a huge Irish/style funeral; with food, booze, dancing, music and laughter. For that has always been and is me. Music and dancing.

What better way to “celebrate” a life than with song and dance.

I’ve already made the cd playlist. OCD much?

Yes. I think a lot.13323235_10153759509039091_5557884293464401554_o



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