Paradox aka Life’s Shit

My sons peering into the fields


Children begin completely dependent upon a parent(s) well into high school. Children need strong guidance, love, advice, limitations and space while they are neither fish nor fowl. 


Parents often receive little communication. This is the normal pattern of life. They begin to form their own vision of themselves.  All college breaks, young college students only want to spend time with friends. 


Many children return home after graduating but most move out to a shared apt within a year 


Busy busy busy.  Yes. This is a busy time of life … growing your future.  Not much time for parents. 

Becoming A Parent 

In their 30’s or early 40’s, as our children have their own children, they return to the original nest often. Unfortunately, when the parents were full of energy, curiosity, excitement the children were busy.  What is left at that point? Children who see their parents as feeble, the best moments are not shared and the cycle begins again. 



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