Out of The Trap


From “Monkeytraps” by Steve Hauptman

Want to trap a monkey? Try this: Find a bottle with a narrow neck. Drop a banana into it. Leave the bottle where the monkey can find it. Wait. The monkey will do the rest. He’ll come along, smell the banana, reach in to grab to grab it. Then find he can’t pull it out because the bottleneck is too small. He can free himself easily. He just has to let go. But he really really wants that banana. So he hangs on. He’s still hanging on when you come to collect him. And that is how you trap a monkey.

Want to trap a human?
Try this: Place the human in an uncomfortable situation. Wait. The human will do the rest. Humans will try to reduce their discomfort by controlling the situation. The harder they work to reduce their discomfort, the more trapped they feel.
And that’s how you trap a human.




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