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My house went on the market 3 weeks ago. My husband has wanted to sell for years. Not me. The only reason I relented and let him put him my HOME .. not house .. on the market was my unsettled state of mind due to the deep wound in my heart from recent events with my son … my heart, my stallion, my gentleman and success story who I could only a few weeks prior still hug, tickle/poke and share good jokes/stories/thoughts with each other.
The revolving door is maddening. We have no idea where we are going. My husband won’t retire for at least a year.
Unfortunately, I got the still another jab from my a son upon offering valuable, quality items “to donate it.” We have!! Happy friends, kind, nice people.
Such a conundrum, I’ve always sworn by..and still do … Once someone sells and leaves this NYC metropolitan/suburban area …you’ll never be able to afford to come back. If so, then certainly way downgraded.
He said…I don’t have to leave after he saw me making this video yesterday….I wanted to remember my beautiful work. I picked all the landscaping and placement. Every item except the front tall tree, the tall rear pines and the tall lotus.
My Shanghai-gra-la. Two families would NOT leave my yard. Hours…literally.
So…today, hubby was true to his word ..he told broker if no good offer this weekend, it’s off market. In any event…cleaning out and purging are good.
I’m happy in my home. He is too. And Gracie.
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