I don’t completely remember how the subject opened up with Sam but I recall he had been
delivering groceries from ShopRite to me for at least a year in 2010 when we first talked about ‘extra
money’ from customers. I never feel comfortable paying for service and giving a tip. It’s
awkward, and I feel like I really belong in the blue collar/delivery man group. I
overcompensate. I try to find a common denominator every time so that the service person and I
are now friendlier – whether it is the weather, lousy attitudes of the world, the traffic. I don’t
want to be the outsider, the uglies.

Sam and I were causal friendly. That’s all.  It looked to me like he was gay, about mid-30’s,
nicely dressed in designer jeans. Not a typical delivery “boy” with ripped jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers but more polished and well-groomed.  He was carrying in the cases of water from the delivery van when I asked him how he’d been. He said he had just come from a job dropping off groceries in Hackensack and felt really weird afterward. I asked him why. Sam stopped what he was doing and looked and me. He said the guy was so weird. Sam didn’t seem to want to tell me anymore,
or was he fishing my personality? I pursued. What, what?

Sam told me that he was making a delivery to an apartment building he had been to before. The
older man told him to come up over the buzzer. When Sam got upstairs he rang the bell, and the
old man yelled out ‘come in, the door is open’. Sam was carrying in the grocery bags when the
old man came into the kitchen in his robe. The robe was open and he was naked. Sam was
surprised but continued to deliver the groceries.

When Sam finished telling me this story I started laughing really hard. Sam looks at me
exasperated. What? What could be funny? Sam had no idea how to handle the situation, what to
do, he felt awkward. I said, ‘listen Sam – if it were me, and I was not married then this is what I
would do, the next time you go there if that old man pulls the same “trick”, you stand in the hall
and tell him that he has to pay you $50 cash in your hand before you will enter his apartment.
Tell him you want the cash JUST BECAUSE you have to be in the presence of his nearly naked
body – and that he better still have on the robe and he cannot touch you or himself. I told Sam
if someone else is there, not to go in.

Sam looked at me like I was crazy. I said, ‘yes Sam, I am a crazy woman but don’t you want to
BET that that creepy guy whacked off when you left thinking about you delivering the groceries
while he was flashing you? He got something out of it at your expense and you got nothing. It’s
up to you but if you are not afraid that there is something shady going on, then do it or don’t go
there anymore and report him’.

Sam kept asking me ‘really?’ Really? Hey, it’s your call, but if I were you, I’d do it, but I’m a
crazy girl’

The next time I had groceries delivered Sam was the delivery man. When he came to the door he
had a ‘cat-ate-the-bird’ smile. What? What? So, he tells me, ‘you won’t believe what
happened’. Sam told me he did exactly as I told him and that things unfolded just as they had in
the prior delivery to the old man – Sam getting paid $50 before he went in. The old man asked
Sam if he could sit on the couch and masturbate while Sam was bringing in the bags. Sam said
yes, for $1000. The old man told him he didn’t have that kind of money but could he buy Sam’s shirt from him. Yes, Sam said, for $100. It was a plain white tee shirt. The old man paid.

I laughed and told Sam he was now a monster! Now he better be really careful. He was dancing around
at the edge of the danger zone. The old man asked for something and he didn’t give it. I told him I
wouldn’t go back there. Sam didn’t like that. He thought he could handle things.

I neglected to realize that in my ‘fun’ I too had danced around the edge of the danger zone. Sam became
increasingly friendly with me every time he delivered groceries even when I was’ short & sweet’. I
stopped having Sam deliver the groceries. I asked for someone else.

Monsters (1)


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