I didn’t get the memo
I didn’t get the note
I didn’t get anything that anyone ever wrote
Telling me that I should put everything quite further down
Never let my face turn into a crumpled frown
smile right now young lady chipper chipper be
happy up yourself and smile for everyone to see

I didn’t get the memo
I didn’t get the note
I didn’t get whatever somebody must’ve wrote
I must’ve been floating somewhere in a dream
Hiding from myself inside my inner scream

Put away your anger
Put away your sadness
Put away those feelings and dig up some gladness
Get yourself a mannequin
Why don’t you just clone
If you keep up just like this you’ll find yourself alone

So I’m supposed to be an automaton
I’m supposed to forget the things that have come and gone
I’m supposed to be a robot of myself
I’m supposed to forget it and put it on the shelf

No one likes the angry one
No one likes the rage
Everyone says put her back
Inside her locked up cage
And cover it with a blanket
Then lock the door uptight
We do not want to hear her
And keep her out of sight
Until of course she complies and decides to be quite nice
It doesn’t really matter if it’s who she is or not
We preferred the happy image watch her blood just clot


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