Maximizing Fear

THE DOOM BOOM – American Survivalist Industry

I watched an episode of Vice on HBO this morning concerning the ‘Boom Doom’… Because it’s important, current, concerning.. I’ll share some things I learned watching and then researching 

Essentially this all comes down to a fear mentality. And in fact the program, Vice, said that all of these doom mentality industries have only opened up post 9/11.

INTERESTING THING TO MAKE NOTICE OF IS THAT THESE INDUSTRIES ARE PRIMARILY CATERING TO THE 1%’S. AND THE PROGRAM, VICE, stated ‘when it comes down to it’ … yes, quoting ‘WHY DON’T We just say it…when it comes to survival, the one percenters,  AS IN EVERYTHING THEY DO, (still Quoting..)THEY GET SOMEBODY ELSE TO DO IT FOR THEM.’

There are several organizations that are capitalizing on the fear mentality that has exponentially increased since Trump’s presidency. I’m not saying he is responsible … fear started after 9/11 .. Trump just made it a constant headline and momentary threat – the fear factor was there after 9/11, but he won his presidency truly based on fear. And so he does share culpability in these new industries and the terror they create. 

These businesses blare fear and once you read what they can offer and what they tell you you should be quite afraid of, it does create a feeling as if it is incumbent upon you to do something! 

However, myself personally have a different point of view. Now I’m 60. Some people would say that at that point in your life you can afford to make different choices. But that is not when I made these choices; I made choices in my early 40s. And my choice is that if there is any kind of apocalypse – whether it is nuclear, whether it’s a tsunami that takes out part of the country or most of the country, whether it is revolutionary or not, or even worse white supremacist terror …. I myself choose not to build bunkers, choose not to hide and look for a way to survive, but let God choose for me. I am good if it is time for me to go, because I will tell you this I sure, I don’t want to be one of the few still around when a whole bunch of people are suffering from radiation poisoning. In fact although this looks to be some sort of preparatory measure, it is simply a set up for Lord of the Flies behavior. But that is where we are now .. America is Lord of the Flies:

Here are some organizations referenced fear:

1.Billionaire Bulletholes

2.The “have-more society” …  a very, very hard o find organization unless you are an insider since those who have so much or scared to death of losing it. A company that requires a $25,000 enrollment fee and $1000 monthly maintenance for emergency evacuation by boat, you receive your one and only assigned boat for you or your family mediately. Only available in Manhattan – A company that builds bunkers. – A business that teaches apocalypse survival skills including “Tacforce training”.

6.Plutocrats are joining together-

7. The Survivalists Guide-


Just FYI

I’m sharing main-stream stuff NOT FRINGE PEOPLE. 

Fear is Not New

Meet in hidden gem The Greenbrier I’ve stayed there for many days. I visited the bunker. It is exactly as shown in pics I provide. It’s still functional 


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