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  1. You’ve had that necklace for quite some time. Is there a special meaning to it?

    • Yes …. I grew up on welfare, was orphaned, raped at 5….my mother told my sister’s as she died I’d take care of them..and I always, still, have. We went into foster care. I’m very smart. Unfortunately, they are not as lucky. I became a Park Ave legal sec’y, then Staff Admin there, then moved up to Exec Ass’t to a Forbes 400 billionaire. I saved. It took a long time because…always other things come up….but I wished for it ….I had it custom made and designed it together with the jeweler. It’s platinum with about 6 carats total. But I bought it. I love it. It’s unique. I have helped so so many, and donate to charity, civics….this is the only thing I did for me…and it was 5 figures.

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