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City Living NY (CLNY) is a nonprofit serving youth aging out of foster care in NYC. We begin by providing all the home goods our youth need to turn their first apartment into a home – from kitchen essentials to bedding and bathroom items. But we do so much more; we are the caring adult all young people need to navigate this world. From housing to education, employment to health matters, we are a holistic program here to ensure all youth leaving foster care have the same chance of success as anyone else. When foster care ends, our work begins. Please consider making a donation this holiday season and directly impacting the future of a young person leaving foster care. You can learn more about CLNY at 

Contributions can be made via the provided website or mailed to:

City Living NY

1741 73rd StBrooklyn NY 11204

When foster care ends, our work begins. City Living NY (CLNY) is a unique program that empowers youth who are aging out of foster care in New York City to successfully transition into adulthood. We provide resources, tools, and the necessary support to help these vulnerable
youth achieve stability. Our aim is to reduce the foster care to homelessness pipeline and reliance on long term assistance.
How we do it:
CLNY tackles the above issues and more by providing tangible assistance and social work support services. We have two programs to meet the needs of our clients. In both programs we provide
clients with urgently needed essential household goods – like dishes and bedding – in order to meet their basic needs and turn their first apartment into a home. Clients in our Comprehensive Services Program (CSP) are assigned a CLNY social worker who designs a service plan based on each young person’s needs and aspirations. We work in partnership with our youth, acting as life coaches and enabling them to work towards self-sufficiency. We host monthly workshops on a variety of topics from budgeting to nutrition and time management. Clients may remain with CLNY until 26 years of age. CLNY has developed an Alumni Program to continue to meet the needs of youth after this age.
Who we serve:
CLNY was established 4 years ago and to date has served 73 clients. In FY19, our clients were
88% African-American and 12% Hispanic. 29% were young mothers. We accept referrals city-wide;
our clients are primarily in Manhattan (30%), the Bronx (30%), Brooklyn (27%), and Queens (11%). Over 65% of our young people reside in apartments managed by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA); the remaining 35% are living in supportive housing, Section 8, or other arrangements such as a dormitory while in college.
Our recent impact:
In FY19 CLNY served 41 new youth (22 in our Comprehensive Services Program (CSP) and 19 in our Home Goods Advocacy (HGA) program) while we maintained our work with 32 existing young people (22 in CSP, 6 in HGA, and 4 in our Alumni Program). CLNY hired a fourth part-time social worker this year, allowing us to double the number of youth served in each program from the previous fiscal year.
During this year we have entered homes where youth are sleeping on the floor; we have assisted in locating sponsors for furniture, provided home goods, and ensured our youth have the items needed to begin their adult lives successfully. We have helped youth re-enroll in college, located college scholarships, and edited college papers or purchased school supplies. We have conducted job searches, updated resumes, provided interview guidance and clothing, and provided metrocards for our youth to get to work until that first paycheck arrives. We have monitored all our young people’s housing, preventing arrears from accruing in a majority of cases but stepping in to assure housing stability when these crises do arise. We have provided emergency food for clients who are in immediate need. CLNY is the adult resource that all young people need, and our holistic program aims to give our youth the same chance of success as anyone else.
Our social workers complete assessments every six months, tracking our client progress and change. Below are some highlights on the success of our clients. This data was captured in the recent survey taken at the end of CLNY’s 2019 fiscal year. Youth who are in the CSP and have been with us for at

least three months at the time of survey are included in this biannual reassessment, and so these numbers do not reflect our entire client base. However, please note that as of the close of FY19 100% of our clients – including new referrals and youth in our HGA program – remain in their housing:
• 100% (32) remain in housing, despite 25% (8) being at risk of homelessness during the assessment period, and over 50% (17) requiring a housing intervention to ensure stability.
• 91% (29) were engaged in an educational program and/or are employed/participating in a vocational program.
• 88% (28) were employed either part or full-time.
• 63% (20) are on track to earn a living wage.
• 22% (7) are enrolled in college, and 34% (11) have graduated from their associate or bachelor
program during their time with us.
• 100% (32) have active medical coverage.
• 28% (9) are young mothers, and CLNY assisted 55% (5) of these families with childcare related
• CLNY social workers maintain contact with 88% (28) of their clients more than three times a
month; a majority of clients report weekly contact with their worker.
Client Testimonials:
“If it wasn’t for City Living I would not be graduating in June. When my resources ran out due to my age or circumstances, City Living was always there to help. City Living is the reason I had the proper send off from foster care. It’s what every youth rightfully needs and deserves” – R, aged 24
“City Living has been there through every endeavor in my life. From decorating my home to ensuring I keep my home. I feel supported by them, and I’m grateful to know I have an organization that will always help me” -C, aged 22
“City Living is my answered prayer! Divinely guided mentors is how I define City Living, they are truly heaven sent in my life. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities provided to learn, grow, and be inspired” –J, aged 25
“Thank you City Living for being in my corner, my support team; always easing my mind that everything will be okay. Thank you for the time you give. Meeting City Living was a blessing, for more than just the lessons received. Thank you City Living for my new beginning” –M, aged 25


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