Love and Time

Love and Time: Many years ago all “feeling and emotions” have gathered to spend their vacation on a coastal island. Each of them was having a good time, but one day there was announced a warning of a storm and everyone had to leave the island. This caused a panic, all rushed to their boats and only (Love) did not wish to be in a hurry. There was so much to do, so (Love) was the last, who realized that it was time to leave. However, no free boats were left and (Love) looked around with hope. As (Prosperity) was passing by in its classy boat, (Love) asked: “Please, take me in your boat”. But (Prosperity) replied: “My boat is full of gold and other precious possessions, there is no place for you”. Then (Vanity) came by in a lovely boat. (Love) asked: “(Vanity), could you take me in your boat? Please, help me.” (Vanity) said: “No, your feet are muddy, and I don‘t want my boat get dirty.” A bit later (Sorrow) was passing by and (Love) called for help. But (Sorrow) answered: “I am so sad, I want to be by myself”. Then (Happiness) came by, (Love) asked for help, but (Happiness) was too happy, it hardly concerned about anyone. Suddenly somebody called out: “(Love), I will take you with me”. (Love) did not recognize its saviour, just gratefully jumped on to the boat. When everyone had reached safe place, (Love) get off the boat and met (Knowledge). Love asked: “(Knowledge), do you know who helped me when everyone else turned away?” (Knowledge) smiled: “That was (Time), because only (Time) knows (Love‘s) true value and what (Love) is capable of. Only (Love) can bring peace and happiness.” Moral: The message of this story is that when we are prosperous, we underrate (Love). When we feel important, we do not appreciate (love). And even in happiness and sorrow we overlook (love). Only with time we realize the true value of (love). Why wait and not cherish (Love) every day of your life?


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  1. I am very new to blogging. Your blog actually was my first true reading experience. I found your blog capturing my attention as I read each line from the beginning and even more as I read on. Then I felt in the end the very message of your blog keenly fit my first landing on your page after looking and asking direction so long, then to actually read one and get the feeling of the message you brought so well is the same emotions I expressed described my book pertaining to “Love, an MS story” I’ve just written as a amateur writer/author. You were Knowledge as I landed on your page. It was definitely “Time” that brought me through to finish, only after all the characters you’ve mentioned: (Prosperity) defining my success being more than finance in my case, (Vanity) my trying to do my best to be error-less, and (Love) the subject throughout the book was accomplished. As I stated, you are the first for me to find out what blogging can be about and to my specification of interest. I loved your blog.

    I’m so very new I do not have a website at this time. Hopefully in the coming week. It will be Damara’s Wings

    • Thank you! And thanks for being a reader 🙂

    • Thank you Robert! Good luck with blogging…. I just published a book! Catching Sand on Amazon 🙂

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