Love A Horse

Had the most wonderful, wonderful! time at the stalls today….arrived an hour early in case Smalls wasn’t assigned as my ride today…but he was!!! So! First, I got to feed treats to Smalls and my others buddies, then Smalls went into the cross-ties to be prepped and saddled. The stable staff let me brush off the debris from his coat and mane extensively. I’ve become friendly with the staff. I spoke to Smalls the entire time…that man-horse looked me deep into the eye every moment….I just spurted out….’hey buddy, here’s your Mama, give me a kiss’, then I kissed nose….he let me…well, hair in my mouth but wow! Such trust. I was nervous to brush rigorously to get the debris out of his mane but observed the stable hands being comfortably aggressive with other horses so I picked up the pace and my buddy didn’t mind. We had our longest pre-ride time together, and he watched me seriously every moment…so I continued to talk to him and make eye contact as well as bend my head so he could smell me….horses like to smell you like a dog…they are so astute. Time for my lesson…my trainer saw I had been in the cross-ties with Smalls for a while so she said, for the first time, just take him out of the cross ties and bring him into the arena. Wow. This was a big step of trust in my ability. I did it perfectly, surprising myself with this 2500 lb gentle giant. Smalls followed me into the arena wonderfully. I asked my trainer if I could just enjoy Smalls today and ride him to my skill level without learning new things….but to just feel the horse and learn from the horse. She said yes, yes, anytime on a horse is valuable…go for it. Of course, she observed. It was my favorite lesson. I had the best control and understanding to date. I felt him react to my body movement…if I looked left, he went left. We body communicated. Smalls is at least 16-18 hands…and I have to dismount without letting my swifting over leg touch his back….Smalls doesn’t react well to his butt being touched, as is true for many horses….and I’m subconsciously nervous because my left foot is fine but the memory of the break is subconsciously stuck in my head…however, I had watched a YouTube Navy Seal video about ‘just do it’ and put it in my head ‘bitch, just do it’, and dismounted without a problem….could have been better but not nervous. Walked my man back to the cross ties and kissed him goodbye. I’ve had my love and happiness for the day.
I have a mission after talking to my good friend Will, a bronc rider and rancher who has seen Smalls….he’s right…the stall Smalls lives in is way too small for him. He needs a double size stall. Let’s see what I can do for my boy.
It’s been a happy day despite the gray rainy day!


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