Lethal Dog

Ex-Husband & Lethal Dog Harborer

Ex…..The creep came back again. I didn’t want him in my life. Our sons grown.

And then, from nowhere, two months ago I get from a relative of my ex-husband of 20 yrs. We are FB friends…she sent me a request many yrs ago, and I accepted because we had mutual friends in common. I never, ever, not once shared comments or spoke with her. Zero..nothing. She called me…I asked her: how did you get my telephone number?, why are you calling me…we really don’t know each other…..she said she needed help and thought I could help. Oh darn, here we go. What’s going on….”I need a temporary home for my German Shephard….my 3 yr lab just died and I need to find a couple or family to take care of my Shepherd while I arrange to bury my lab…just 2 weeks or so”….wait, hold on….where do you live?, why did your dog die…..she tells me where she lives…New England….OK….BRACE YOURSELVES….BECAUSE I COULD NOT GET THIS VISUAL IMAGE OUT OF MY MIND!….my lab died because my Shepherd chewed his face off.

I told her….You cannot put that dog in anyone’s home. The dog is now a lethal animal. I’m so sorry, I’m sure you love the dog but that dog could maim or kill a child….please, please, please do the right thing….take it to a vet or animal control. I’m so very sorry….you must put him down. She said she would not. I said, I must hang up….I’m very upset with the image in my mind.

Next day…she’s posting pics all over FB about how she misses her lab with sweet pics of him. This is upsetting to me. I send her private msg. Please don’t do that…please, I beg you, do the right thing. No response…shortly later…response…I’m keeping my dog.

The drama came to me. It is not my nature to do nothing when something horrific happens. Many say, don’t get involved, walk away. But I knew that this dog was dangerous and was afraid. I told her, by private msg, her answer was enough for me to search her down in her town in CT, and report it to the authorities. And I said, again, I’m sorry….it’s the responsible thing to do.

And 2 hours later, I got the No Caller ID threat. I don’t know if it’s about this….but I have zero issues with anyone. The caller said “I know who are “(said my name, my full address) and you better cut it out or else.” Who is this, I thought? I have no issue with anyone.

I called the police. They told me to go to AT&T with the police report tomorrow and AT&T would unlock the caller ID. But next day, with police report in hand, AT&T said, no….you need an attorney letter. The AT&T employee informed me that I am required to PAY for my own attorney to write a letter to AT&T stating why they need to unlock the telephone number for the NO CALLER ID. I will call my attorney tomorrow.

By now, I put two and two together….it was the crazy relative and she was mad because I implored her to put the lethal dog doyen. I explained the above to this. police yesterday when I figured it out…again, saying I don’t know but perhaps???? But the officer said, you did the right thing. The animal is lethal.

The police cruiser is still parked in front of my house. I brought trays of sweets to the police dept. to show my gratitude. I received the police report yesterday; I took it to AT&T as instructed by AT&T corporate, who told me that with the police report and my cellphone, the store would unlock the No Caller ID. I was given incorrect information.

So, I’m trembling with fear…because these people are seriously crazy. I call my ex. I call simply to ask if he knows anything about this person. Now, I am an Alpha female. I do not call trembling on the phone, and I absolutely never call for help. I simply wanted advice. He answered. What? I’m busy. I don’t know. I gotta go.

This, this from the ex-husband who, while an ex I spent $1000 on to move him from a bad hospital to a good one with the only qualified surgeon for his ailment…you don’t have 5 seconds?




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