Let Me Introduce You

Take a walk with me all friends

A journey to a happy end

With twists and turns

Sarcasm, wit

And voices, tones to make you shit

Oh get off the pot

And have a laugh

Take a walk

Along life’s path

When pockets full we’re emptied bare

With nothing left but each other to share

To start again

From ashes down

All were a Phoenix 

Upon the ground

Rise not they could

Alone or gone

Solely together could they belong

Oh what a story 

And what a picture 

And what do you mean

Come in quicker

So here’s my group of those who rose

The Roses, that is in a town unknown

Lost all they had

Including grace

Not for long

Love kept their place

A gauntlet run 

By each and all

Yes so often

Each did fall

Let me show Dad John with brows

He is the master at the bow

He forgives and looks away

At mistakes, holds tight his fray

Oh my dear

Have you met Mom

What a peach

What a bomb

You know we barely understand 

The tone, accent and words at hand

But oh her style and oh her flair

Saying anything she dare

Here is the daughter, sister, girl

Always giving her hair a twirl

It seems she doesn’t know the day

Or time or much

We feel her wave

Waving like a plastic bag

In wind and blowing 

Never drag

Don’t be fooled

She’s not who you think

Alexis has more in her drink

She’s bright and witty and tart and keen

She’s so divine, she thinks she’s queen

And now I’ve saved the best for last

Come meet my friend David

Oh just a blast

Attitude and snark and squint

Making us want more of it

Longing looks and glaring snare

Never underestimate his flair

With a flip or turn of hand

He’s roped you in

At his command

I introduce you to my other ones

Those not mine but when alone

They soothe and suit me

For all and each of them

Are just like me

And I’m home


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