Let It Unfold


I pray

Outloud and in my head

In my car

And in my bed

At my desk

At the sink

When I find I’m stuck in “think”


I pray for health, safety, peace

And joy for my loved ones

I pray for earth

And what we’ve done to her


And sometimes when I pray

It’s time to just sit and listen

Wait and listen

For God may want to speak

So listen quietly

Be soft and meek


For in a prayer

I received a message profound

From God in prayer

From a question I asked


I asked my Lord

“Guide me Lord, what is your plan for me”

And sitting, meditating

I waited quietly

And let it be


Then it came

Seconds later

Surprised me too

Because I heard

Not outlouod

But yes a voice

Spoke in my head


Of course it was God

I listened, sat up bold

He said it simple and clear

“Let it unfold”


Let it unfold

The wisest words

For what can we do

But let life unfold

And be gentle and kind

With love in our hearts

And whatever unfolds

God’s got your back

If you’ve listened

Then start


Let it unfold friends


Just a day at a time

Let the newness come down

Let yesterday leave

Bring in today’s sun

For you wear God’s love crown



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