On April 1 I severely damaged myself walking along the edge of the retaining wall in my backyard. The wall is 6 feet high. I tried to get a particular shot, lost my balance taking photos of the little buds coming out on the trees falling onto the pavers. Hubby had to carry me back into the house.  I could not put any weight on the foot. The next morning it was very swollen and looked bad. We went to the ER.   From 11:30 until 4, I had about seven x-rays and a CAT scan of my foot. It shows that my heel is shattered. I went from there to hospital’s recommended orthopedic at the hospitals strong suggestion. Saw the orthopedist, advised that this is a very bad injury and will take a minimum of three months to heal. I have to try to stay off of my feet as much as possible. I received crutches. That very same night, I fell backwards on my crutches and broke my wrist. I did not know my wrist was broken; I thought it was sprained  I have a very high pain tolerance. So, I wrapped my wrist in an ace bandage  upon my visit to doc in one week, he said ‘what’s that on your wrist?’ …well, X-rays showed it was broken WORSE than my heel.

I had both surgeries April 13; 5 screws and a plate in my foot.

Many days of rest, elevation and 1000 episodes of Law & Order SVU. A few days later, feeling strong to do a few things this morning on my own!  First I made myself a cup of coffee and sat on the couch and drank it. ( I have to scooter to stairs, knees up stairs, lift onto rolling chair in kitchen. Wheel back to stairs. Step down lifting my butt and leg one step at a time. Get on scooter, reach for coffee in travel mug, put mug in basket and scooter back to couch. Then I went back up to the kitchen and rinsed out my cup, I wheeled over to the staircase upstairs, and crawled up the stairs, crawled on my knees alone, which did not hurt or was not uncomfortable, went into bedroom, crawled to the closet, pulled myself up on one leg using the dresser (no scooter), picked out a few outfits for the week (this was the FIRST time I went upstairs by myself!  Quite an accomplishment that I’m proud of 😊💕), crawled back to the stairs and down the stairs with my clothes, got back on the chair, wheelchair to the staircase to the den, made my way down the staircase. Put my clothes in the basket, wheeled into the bathroom, took a bath and washed my hair, wheeled into my office, took care of my skin and blew out my hair to the best of my ability since my left hand doesn’t help much, but it came out OK. Great to feel fresh and clean.

Ah, sense of contentment. Although some days are long, sometimes at home on my own, I certainly can choose to make the day more busy as there are more things to do at my desk where I can sit, however, I find myself tired or my leg getting uncomfortable in the sitting position so I spend most of my time sitting on the couch.  I realize how very blessed I am to be able to do this. My husband has a fantastic job and fantastic insurance, and I have been blessed with an excellent doctor, I have received texts and emails of concern and love, I receive love and concern from my children, my husband has been beyond outstanding for which I am so grateful, I have a comfortable home to rest. I can get to the bathroom and take a bath, I can brush my teeth I can wash my hair; I can go into my office and put them on my skin cream, I can scooter up to the kitchen get up those steps, I get on my rolling chair and make my coffee, let the dog out, and if I need more cold beverages I can reach them in the refrigerator. I am very blessed there are so many people who would not have the ease I have in healing. I am able to devote all of my time and attention to healing, and I realize that there are so many people who have poor insurance don’t have access to good insurance, don’t have a family member or even better a spouse to help them, and don’t have a comfortable home or place to rest it. This I realize is a great blessing to me. I also realize that I am the kind of person who is always running from here and there to experience new things. 

May 27- I’ve just returned from doc. Great great great news!!  My foot is still healing for another few weeks but I’ll definitely have full recovery. I had X-rays of my wrist. It’s still healing also but – YAY – I will also have full recovery of my wrist. 

I had the cast removed. Ohhhh!  I’ve watched too many shows with autopsies and when the nurse took out the saw, I was anxious. But it went well. Now, I’m in a wrist brace. 

I return to doc in 2 weeks for exam and possibly setting up a physical therapy schedule. 

Began physical therapy last week. Making excellent progress. 

I am very grateful and blessed. 



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  1. “Be glad for the things you have, and not sad for the things you don’t” . . . . I heard that a zillion times from my mother and my grandfather. . . I always thought it was the Murphy in them coming out. But that is how I’ve lived my life. When I used to hear from you on one of your adventures, I always wondered what you were searching for. You achieved so much, but somehow it was never ‘enough’. It was your life to lead, and you sure had such a zest for new adventures. I admired you for it, and always hoped that you found that ‘something’ . . . I wasn’t asked for advice, and I don’t think I would have if I was asked. It’s your life to lead as you choose, even if I thought that striptease or burlesque was a dumb idea. And now I find out your injury was much worse than you let on and I am so sorry to hear that. I know being such an active person it must have killed you to be laid up in one place and not healing as fast as you want to, but if you didn’t go to Medical School and get a degree, just do what the Doctor says and you will heal completely. And for that you should be eternally grateful. As for me, still here at the shore, still watching my brain injured brother. It’s what any decent person would do under the circumstances. Get well, miss u!!! 7-7-18

    • Dearest Friend, Richard
      You have great insight although I publicly share much of my observations or experiences. Do not underestimate how very grateful I am. I’m quite blessed. As I write this July 7, I can walk a long time and swimming in my pool is heavenly. Thank you for reading my blog. You are an amazing person to care for your brother. May God give you strength, lift your spirit and comfort you. Fondly, Kat

    • Thank you so very much Richard for reading my blog,and for your insight, support,kindness and observations. You ate correct… what am I searching for? I seem to be so busy. Well. I definitely have a zest for life, as you mentioned, but it comes most alive, for my ENTIRE life in music. When I say, Michael Jackson is my brother from another mother’, it’s because he escaped his horrific childhood in music, the music took him some place else .. his place .. a safe place. And, I don’t believe he ever hurt a child because I know as a person from childhood rape and more that a person who is wounded can find comfort and relaxation in the presence of a child full of wonder, curiosity and no malice. So … yes, music lifts me. The dancing was actually my zest for music and, frankly, pure damn boredom. I’m an empty-nester who is too smart for my own good, I can’t get ANY Job- ageist. I’ve offered to volunteer for the USO in nyc and Habitat for Humanity. No response.
      So, Richard, like the rest of humanity, I’m doing the best I can. Thanks for reading. Kat

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