The Leech

I knew her for many years. For many years I enjoyed her friendship despite her grotesque habits including belching and passing gas loudly in public whenever the urge arrived.  She was not like me.  She ate anything and everything…. intestines, testicles, crawling clam parts…and if you were out to lunch or any meal with her and you did not finish everything on your plate, she ate that too.

Sometimes, she’d pop by my house in the morning unannounced in her Mumu.  Yes, she wore a Mumu in the morning.  She would arrive on an indiscriminate morning and ring my bell.  This was almost always fine with me; I enjoyed her lively banter, and she was intelligent although she was also a gossip which I chose not to participate in.  She’d arrive, and we’d have coffee.  I would feel uncomfortable many times as she sat at the table with her large, pendulous breasts resting on the kitchen table; she never wore a bra and her nipples pointed to the floor even though she is ten years younger than me.

Why suffer this beast of woman?  Well, she was interesting in a sort of roadkill type of way, and she was bright.

…………………………(insert more)


I saved myself.  I walked away from this “friendship”, and don’t miss it.

Then she became excessively needy, openly asking me for my belongings, openly stating that I should do this or that because she deemed it appropriate.


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