Last Chance

Your Last Chance

With all the rich girls I’d become close friends with

The block cheese sat in the frig

And powdered eggs that tasted like dirt

I was the poor kid

Fun and funny

Crazy much

Jumping roof to roof

Still I did belong

The road’s closed

I began to know

Merit scholarship to the finest school 

With foster care attire

My brain was not enough

I sat alone

I ate too much

And got fat 

Hated myself 

No men came near

My body read

The road is closed

Years and years passed


But growth and slowly rise 

Learning to leave the shitheads in the gutter, move aside

Dressed connected

Successful strong 

A beauty on Park Ave

Just once that sign showed up again 

In my own neighborhood 

The jealous women 

Who hate themselves, their lives, their husbands and their kids

Put do not enter

Do not cross

And alienated my kids



Isn’t it it just too bad for you

You messed with the wrongest bitch

See I don’t come from a silver spoon, I come up from up from the ditch

So each of you

I know this abs that

And dirt on each of you

So do not enter

Do not cross 

It’ll be the last thing that you do


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