Just today

No tomorrow 

Just today

All the rest

Just goes away

Just today

Just a chance

Just a dream

Just a glance

No tomorrow 

Tomorrow’s gone

Like the climate 

Burned gone long

Not before

It was so bad

Ate the love

Built the bad

Just today

Just one love

Just a prayer 

From above 

Just today

No promise made

No lies to hear

No more betrayed 

Just today in my song

Watching sad like a song

Learning species dying off

Watching politicians scoff

Watching squinting 

Closing eyes

There is no place left

Just to hide 

Not tomorrow 

Not anymore 

Nothing’s left

Enjoy the moor

Not a dream

Lost the hope

See it all

Clear in my scope 

Just today 

And still it’s sad 

How did it all

Become so bad

Had my days my songs my dance

Now my children have no chance

Just today 

I tell them live 

For I’ve nothing left to give

Cannot fix the great abyss

Cannot look, cannot miss

What’s my legend, story told

The last generation I unfold 

We the ones with hopes and dreams

Let it die, beyond our means

Let ourselves get too greedy

Ignored the shit, ignored the needy

Just today is all we’re left

Just today

Forget bereft 

Forget forgiveness 

Forget a plan


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