Just Shut Up

Why I ask

Am I this way 

Why I ask

Afar from the fray

Why the face

Why the look

Why the stare

It’s my hook

Hook me in

Hook myself 

Hook and put me

On a shelf 

Why I wonder 

Often not

Often going

Caring not

Was I dropped 

On the floor

As a child 

Crying more

Perhaps a twisted gene or two

Perhaps my journey 

Nothing new


Don’t answer 

I do not want

Your voice

Your sound

You’re fucking snot

Bitch you say

Behind my back

Thinking that my mind 

Is slack

I see you

I see me

I know what’s what

Let me be

Crushed and broken 

Rising still

Keep the anger

Stave my will

Calm the beast 

Calm the whore

Til she shits up

Nothing more


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