I Don’t Like Change

I don’t care for change much

I’m not that girl

I prefer stability in my world


I’ve moved and moved

Quick pack your bags

A new home

New family

New school

It was always a drag


Every time

Beginning again

Outsider me

In the corner

Don’t see me

I don’t fit in

You don’t know me

I didn’t grow up here

I’m the stranger


And now I’m an adult

In the same house for 20 years

I don’t like change still

I don’t want a new car

New tv, new computer, new phone

I’m fine like this

Let me alone


Safe in my space

Where little changes

Just the day

As it rearranges

Just my family

Just my face

Aging now

Gravity  pulling all my parts

To the floor’s space


I wake in my bed

My same old bed

I like my bed

And the view from my window

My dog in my bed

Hogging the blanket

I don’t need new

I don’t need different

I’m different enough

In my head

And that’s plenty


Some people want new

New new new

Run to buy

That’s not me

But I do adventure

I do love nature

Nature is not change the same

Nature changes all the time

Just the same

Year in and out

And I feel safe

In nature’s house

Adventure I do

Enjoy this earth

Enjoy the creatures, trees

Mother Nature’s birth


Then come home

To my safe place

Where all my things

Are in their space

And I feel safe

No need for change

But come for tea or coffee

I welcome friends



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  1. Nice

  2. So poignant. I would love not to wish for new.

    • New can sometimes not be all sparkly and shiny but bad news 🙁

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