We have lived beyond our means

Spent our money on ripped jeans

Bought and spent and gifted shopped

Knew the labyrinth of the mall; walked and walked til I dropped

Gave to causes, charities, needs

Did our best to do good deeds

Paid for college for all our kids

Bought each a car; a start to live

Now the house is empty save for us

Now the bedrooms gather dust

A great big house

For running boys

Is void now of the happy noise

The inground pool is not used much

My dog swims lots

I don’t swim much

The tents, volleyball, bats and balls

No longer here; no longer called

A big nice house was a vibrant home

Living breathing warm and welcome

Now with rooms all beds made tight

All things put in place but home’s not quite right

She misses noise and banging boys

She misses tussles, smears and mess

She misses vibrancy and is in distress

Where did they go, where are my boys

Where is my lifeblood, my happy noise

Oh my house, my lovely home

We both must accept

They’ve moved

And grown



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  1. Nyc sir keep it up….

    • 🙂

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