Gracie and Smalls

I’ve started horseback riding lessons. I’m blessed to have the county stables here in my own town! I’ve been riding the most wonderful gentle giant….Smalls! Who the heck named this 2500 lb horse Smalls? Sense of humor? Smalls is absolutely loving, intuitive, kind and amazing. He looks past my eyes and into my soul. I took my dog Gracie, my first love, to meet the horses at the stable, and especially to meet Smalls. Wonderful day. I brought apples and carrots, and I fed all the horses in the paddocks outside as I made my way to Smalls, who was in the furthest paddock. Smalls and I have become attached, and he recognizes my voice.

As I was leaving, all the horses were looking to me to see if I had more goodies, but alas, I had run out. As I left Smalls, the horse in the paddock next to him came to the gate to see if I had more treats. Oh boy! Smalls became very possessive and protective of me! I was surprised. Wow! Do not mess with Smalls!


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