Good People

When we were at the MGM in Las Vegas, it turned out that it was the same time that the Latin Grammys were being held there. There were so many people at the MGM dressed so beautifully for this event. I’m a little social butterfly. So I went up to these people and congratulated them on how lovely they looked, wish them a lovely event and asked if I could take a picture for my friends at home. Everyone was so gracious and let me take their picture. The following day there was a mass exodus of the guests that were attending the Grammys, as you can see by all the people sitting in the lobby. I struck up a conversation with a very nice man. It was the highlight of my morning.
As we were leaving the hotel this morning to venture out, I met a man in the lobby who looked like he was leaving from the Latin Grammys events. I said hello and asked him if he had had a good time. He said yes and asked me if I would like my picture taken by the fountain. I thanked him in my broken Spaniel sh. He laughed he said I speak perfect English. I said I’m sorry, I said where are you from. He said he was from Puerto Rico. I said oh, I am so very sorry. He said thank you, and then with both of his hands he grabbed my hands and thank you. He held tight. I said to him how sorry I was that our president was so terrible and did such a poor job in helping Puerto Rico. I said to him, I hope you know that most Americans, like you as an American, are aware that Americans do not agree with the treatment that put a Rico is receiving. Again he said thank you so much.
He then said that he is an interpreter in Puerto Rico for FEMA. I asked him what he thought about the job that FEMA was doing for Puerto Rico. He said that FEMA is actually comprised of so very many departments. And that in his opinion, they were actually doing a very good job. I asked him how was the morale of the people in Puerto Rico. He said it was pretty good. This made me very happy.
I grasped his hands, and I said bless you for all that you do, and know that all Americans believe that Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans are part of America.
This all started because I was trying to take a picture of all of the Latin Grammy people who were leaving today, but I was doing such a bad job because of my tremor that this gentleman came over and offered to take a photo for me, … that is how we started a conversation. There is no coincidence new universe. And this was the blessing I received today. Be blessed, and take all the blessings that come your way. Namaste


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