Give Me Words

Well, I lived the first 30 years without… meaning paycheck to paycheck. Then I remarried and life got easier. Actually, completely different. Completely alien to me … I was allowed to hire a cleaning lady, a landscaper … what? I was extremely uncomfortable. I was more familiar as the worker bee these people were. I felt guilty. It took me over 10 years to stop feeling bad. I felt undeserving.
So, @Paul Spangler I spent. What did I spend on. No. Not on me. No. I’m not a saint. Yes, I dress nicely. No. That is not where 80% of my money went. And, yes
I blew threw sooo much money
Because at one time, hubby worked for a NYC big commercial real estate biz. He was CFO. He signed checks. He sent statements to shareholders. AND,then my hubby with PhD in finance discovered that owner is stealing. Yep. Stealing.
One of biggest investors is Bloomberg. Holy crap. Now, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg went to Johns Hopkins University … he’s a major donor alumni and he did great things for NYC – but!!! You can bet, he’ll find, he hires the best, they will find theft. So, hubby says to owner, I need an indemnity from you. Boss says, you have one from biz. Hubby says, no, I want a personal indemnity from YOU!
Asshole said NO!
So, hubby said ok. Well, I have a family, and I’m not going to jail for you. I’ll be leaving.
Hubby left a job making $650k a year w $250k bonus 9 years ago.
So, yes. We had a cushy life.
Then he did exactly what I told him not to do. He left Manhattan. He went to Forest Hills. Orthodox Jews. I’m not a bigot. But I don’t like it when men or a religion says women are inferior- and they do.
And his pay was cut in half.
When he was making big money, we saved a lot. We established trusts for our sons. We did estate planning.
And Kathleen?
She gave gifts to every sad story, face, idea and more.
She volunteered for everything! Hubby said, I’m going to duct tape your arms to your waist so you can’t raise your hand to volunteer
Im 59
I’m an empty nester
I don’t need or want clothes
My car is a Lexus GX 460 w 41k miles. I love my car.
I’m finally at the point to let my sons go and have their own life though my
One son lost his heating system. So, yes, I cashed in stock and gave him 30k. 10k for the heating system and 20k toward a new car … his car is horrid. I don’t care. I still have enough. Not tons. Enough. I don’t need to give wait til I’m dead, and they’re 40-50 and moneys isn’t desperate. No. I’ll give it now.
Anyway, I’m good with words. Not money. But I try hard to be wise. I just paid off ALL my credit cards!!’ I’m so proud of myself.
AND I have savings
I’m a work in progress


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