North Dakota Sioux

I’m thankful much
But keep the lie
The American Indian
Sliced and diced
Oh maybe some from far away
Had good intentions 
Fell to the fray
Came the hungry for what they could
Take and grab and keep for good
Shoot your horse
Steal your wife
Blame it all on the red man
Liar’s life 
Here I am
Centuries later 
Sioux I am 
And I’m a hater
Sent my ancestors to Canada
Custer’s shit
Celebrate your turkey
Choke on it
To this day
The reparations 
Pathetic patronizing consolation 
Never have you known the land
The forest wide
The plains wide grand
Only kill though not for food
Kill because it’s in your brood
Fucksgiving I call your stupid day
All I knew has gone away
What to teach my children of
A life long foregone and left for none
Sent onto a reservation 
Left to make our preparation
Still forgotten and foresaken
Everything we had is taken


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