Father Time

Father Time is at my back

Telling my face it’s time to crack

Calling my eyes that never wore glasses

To put them on now, to join all the masses


Telling my memory

Hey you’re getting slow

Ha, you don’t remember which way to go

Forgot what you came into the kitchen for

Forgot your keys left in the front door


Um, I know I know you

Can’t remember your name

Thanks for nothing Father Time

I know you’re to blame


I walk by the mirror

I noticed a bend

Slight bend in back

And I’m going to fight back

Sit up straight, stand up tall

Not going to hunch

Not going to be small


Father Time does his bidding

Regardless my plan

I once was 5’8”

Now 5’7” I stand


The things I remember

With perfect acuity

Are inane and random

But suit me and soothe me

I remember the lyrics

To every song

The music I’ve loved

For so very long

The songs from my childhood

From teens, 20’s til now

Stay fresh and alive

In my mind, makes me wow


Mother Nature just loves me

She knows I love her

She knows I love all that she offers

And I value her love

She fights for me too

Tells Father Time to back off

Father Time looks at Mother

He gives her a scoff

He’ll back off a little

But he’ll get his due

I might stave off some aging

For some years; maybe few


Father Time doesn’t like

That I fight him and his deeds

It’s job to age me

And cramp all my needs


I am persistent

Don’t give up the fight

Taking good care of myself

Day and night


Going the extra mile every day

To keep Father Time

Further away


He’s catching up to me

The faster I run

He giggles at me

“ha ha, here I come”


I accept that he’s there

I accept what will come

But today Father Time

I’m still on the run




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    • Thank you so much sis….and thanks very, very much for actually going to my blog and reading my stories!!!! Love you xoxo

  2. how refreshing to put the inevitable that all of us face. . .that every day of our lives we age and don’t notice it because “we look the same. . . .and one day we wake with the realization that the person is the mirror looks to be aging . . . . a wrinkle here, a gray hair there, the forgetting of a name or a phone number there. . . . what was it that I was going to do. . . yes Kat, you phrased and presented it so eloquently!!!! Thank you. . . . for no matter what, your intellect is sharp still and Father Time can’t diminish your talent or intelligence.

    • Bravo 🙂

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