Eyes Wide Open

If one is ever jaded about all the magnificence of Manhattan, one only needs to bring an 8-10 year old child who will refresh your wonderments, observations and privilege of living in New York. 

What are crowds of people on a plaza to us, is an excitement to a child who sees so many different kinds of people in the same “important place”. Security screening is a thrilling adventure with eyes popped open. 

I took my friend to Manhattan as a gift along with her 8-year old son. My friend is a single mother and doesn’t get into Manhattan much..it’s been 5 years. Jonathan had never been. I got vip line tix to One World Observatory. Jonathan was extremely excited immediately. We passed the crowds and went directly to security. Jonathan wanted to video it. Oh geez. No. Later, upstairs. Lol. We quickly got to the elevator. The elevator to the observation deck reaches the 102nd floor in under 60 seconds. I told Jonathan, when you get in the elevator, turn your back from center and face the glass. He was confused but excitedly complied. Zip…a video a few seconds long plays against the glass showing how deep the bedrock is .. and voila, all glass windows with panoramic views of glorious Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty…the other elevator passengers thanked me for my tip. We had to scurry to keep up with this joyful excited boy. Everything became wonderment and new in my eyes as I pointed out the Statue of Liberty to Jonathan, the tugs pulling barges of waste, explaining to his amazement that the trash is either buried in another state and that state gets paid for taking the trash or it is dropped deep in the ocean. He thought that was gross. Me too. 

We left the Financial District and taxied over to Beetle House, where it is Halloween every day among characters in costume and persona of Tim Burton’s characters Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice though we left before Jack Skellington and Sally came out. When Beetlejuice spoke to Jonathan he could barely contain his wonderment with some fright. It is an incredibly small world. We are in theme-restaurant on the lower east side of Manhattan, my friend from Poland is unfamiliar with many..lo and behold..our waitress,  mid 20’s, came here from Poland a few years ago. She and my friend spoke Polish and knew the same towns. It made her night. 

In the car on the way home I asked Jonathan what the best part of his day was. He blew my mind and said meeting me. He used his own money from Christmas and bought me flowers, a scarf with a hand-written thank you card. 


I love New York City










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